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Book Review: Running Eagle, the Warrior Girl

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Instructor - Sue Zerangue
Coordinator - Sue Zerangue,

Day/Time - Tuesday 1:30 - 3:30 pm;
                  7 sessions
Dates - October 3 - November 14
                  Location - Jane Borg's condominium
                  445 Ave. G #301, Seaside
                  Elevator equipped
                  Please call Jane Borg (503-717-5282)
                  or Sue Zerangue (503-338-0313) for directions.

The book for this course is Running Eagle, the Warrior Girl

You are invited to our Tuesday afternoon StoryTime, in Jane Borg's lovely Seaside condominium (elevator equipped). We'll listen to the historical legend of Otaki, her girlhood name, later known as Running Eagle, indicating warrior status, unique among the women of her Blackfeet tribe. Her story, as told by an old frontiersman, James Willard Schultz, is a stark, enchanting tale of a girl who was "different" from other young women. She demanded the duties and privileges of boys. Her father, Chief White Plume, made sure they were hers, though many tribal customs were ignored along the way. Generously larded with anthropological insight from a tribal perspective - Schultz being a "squaw-man" most of his adult life - we are given much to mull over in our discussion at the end of each class. Additional handouts provided.

Sue says: "I've read 19 of Schultz's 30-something volumes, all that Kindle provides... originally written for the youth market of the early 1900s, modern publishing methods have now resurrected them for a wider audience. I've enjoyed every one of these tribal stories, but Otaki impressed me greatly with her Jane Eyre humility and virtue, yet she also possessed Joan of Arc's passion and courage. We can imagine together what life might have been like in the long ago... when buffalo roamed."

Sue expects to have some copies of this book available on the first day of class. She thinks each is printed separately: there's no pagination, table of contents, or printing on the back & spine, but a good-sized font makes reading easy. $10 each if you get one from Sue; if you order yours from Amazon it will cost $15; or purchase it for $1.99 on your Kindle.

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