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Forest Trees of NW Oregon

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Instructor - Erhard Gross
Coordinator - Elfi Gross, 503 468-0752

Day/Time - Monday 9:30 to 3:30;
                    1 session
Dates - Monday October 2, 2017

Location - Astoria Senior Center
                    1111 Exchange Street, Astoria
                    and field trip location to be announced

We'll meet for 2 hours indoors, where Erhard will go into systematic criteria in tree identification by showing samples of twigs and seeds of different leaf and needle trees. After lunch at the Senior Center or nearby eateries, we will proceed to field work by driving to various locations in or near town where we will visit the actual trees and observe their shapes, bark, crowns and trunks. We'll also discuss forestry practices, dendrochronology and uses of wood.

More detailed information is available HERE

Image from OpenClipart.com bobocal-simple-vector-tree

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