Geographical and Cultural Changes in the Mediterranean Region: 2000 bc to 500 ce

map of the Mediterranean from google maps
Instructor – Art Limbird
Coordinator –  Sue Zerangue, 503-338-0313, 
Day/Time – Monday 1:30 – 3:30; 6 sessions
Dates – January 22 – February 26
Location – Astoria Senior Center, 1111 Exchange Street, Astoria

The class will explore the locations and extent of civilizations in the lands within and surrounding the Mediterranean Sea during the ‘Classic Period” from 2000 BC to about 500 CE.  The most well know are the Greeks and Romans. We also will investigate civilizations such as the Minoans, Mycenaeans, Etruscans, Phoenicians, Byzantines and other groups around the Mediterranean Region.  We will examine both locations and time periods to express the geographical changes and illustrate these changes via evidence (such as structures, ruins, and museum collections) where possible.

map of the Mediterranean from google maps