StretchYo (Yoga) Female Yoga Pose Silhouette 16 by GDJ

Instructor – Stephanie Reibold
Coordinator – Marjie Spence, 503-325-4233,
Day/Time – Monday 10 – 11 am; 8 sessions  <– change in time of class
Dates – January 15 – March 5, 2018
Location – Astoria Senior Center, 1111 Exchange Street, Astoria

This is a regular class offered by the Senior Center. It is open to all ENCORE members, as well as all Senior Center members, every week — not just during our term. You are welcome to start attending any time you choose!

This class is particularly good for seniors. The description of StretchYo from the RiverZen website is:
“Gentle Yoga Stretch (StretchYo) is about feeling great all over. Simple movement that opens and strengthens your body while calming your mind.  You’ll create a healthy balance between strength and flexibility, stability and mobility.   It’s not about hard or easy poses. It’s about learning how to connect your breath and move with ease.   It’s about listening to your own body and giving it exactly what it is looking for at a particular time.  StretchYo combines the Ease of Strala Yoga, The Strength and Flexibility of Ki-Hara and the Functional Alignment of Strong Posture Exercises … with our own personal touch for optimum results.” Female Yoga Pose Silhouette 16 by GDJ.