The Other Slavery Native American WomanInstructor – Erhard Gross
Coordinator – Elfi Gross, 503-468-0752,
Day/Time – Thursday 1:30 – 3:30; 6 sessions
Dates – January 18 – February 22
Location – Astoria City Hall,1095 Duane St., 2nd floor; elevator equipped.

When we hear the word slavery, we generally think of blacks.  Yet, black slavery was instituted in North America (Virginia, 1619) much later than that of the Indian population.  Almost all slaves held in the Americas prior to 1619 were of Native American origin — Indios as they were referred to by the Spanish discoverers of the New World.  This Other Slavery persisted well into the 20th Century.  After a brief survey of slavery in history, we will focus on the nature and extent of the Other Slavery in North America.


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