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Here you can see what ENCORE has offered in the past.

Please note that most classes are not repeated, so because we offered something in the past that does not mean that we may offer it again. On the other hand, some classes DO get repeated over and over. Science Exchange, where we talk about whatever grabs our interest at the moment, has been offered several times a year for several years. “Where in the World Have You Been”, where members and friends who have lived in other countries tell us about their experiences, does get repeated regularly, with different countries presented.

Click here for a list of courses that ENCORE presented to members in past years.  This is a PDF file and requires the use of Adobe Reader, which is free from adobe.com.

The following links are to the classes taught in recent terms.  The PDF files are large, so have patience.

Winter 2018 class list.
Fall 2017 class list.
Spring 2017 class list.
Winter 2017 class list.
Fall 2016 class list.
Spring 2016 class list.
Winter 2016 class list.

What would YOU like to see in an ENCORE course in the future?